About Trustmicro

Trustmicro founder and CEO is Ian Brumby, an experienced freelance mobile application developer, specialising in complete mobile solutions.

Trustmicro develop fully integrated mobile applications that work seamlessly and securely with the cloud. We solely work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our cloud provider. Ian is a certified AWS Solutions Architect.

Based on the UK, Trustmicro has additional access to additional onshore / offshore resources for larger scale projects.

Trustmicro are available for projects across the UK, with the ability to travel and work remotely as required.

Please get in touch and let us know your idea, we will get back with some thoughts.


Mobile Applications

We build great mobile applications for Apple and Android devices

Data & Analytics

We specialise in application with complex, data rich applications, utilising the power of the cloud


We build beautify, simple, easy to use applications

HATON? | Our Flagship App

Haton? is starting a revolution in Weather. Our mission is to provide accurate, short-term and personal forecasts based on weather reports from real people, experiencing real weather. We won’t be telling you what the weather will be doing tomorrow, instead we will help you decide whether to go for that walk, put the washing out or play that round of golf, right now.

Haton? provides 4-6 hour weather forecasts with pinpoint accuracy. Search your exact location or zoom in and out of our easy to use maps to find your hyperlocal weather and see what’s happening in your surrounding areas. We provide essential data on weather, road conditions and we also answer the question, do I need my Haton?

HATON? | Our Reviews

"Fabulous app, super easy to use and clear visuals and graphics"


"It is great to finally have an accurate & user-friendly app to identify the weather"


"The graphics in the app are so clear and easy to follow"


Our Principles


We build great mobile applications that are designed to work natively for iOS and Android devices


We build apps that seamlessly work with the cloud. We exclusively work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our cloud provider


We build secure, compliant apps that will ensure the privacy of your user data


'Serverless' is changing the way that developers build apps. No longer do you pay unnecessary costs to configure and run servers in the cloud. This keeps your development and run costs right down


Our serverless applications can scale seamlessly as your users scale. Whilst you are still growing, your infrastructure costs remain low


We support our apps through their lifecycle and ensure that they remain relevant on the latest devices

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